Carbometrics announces new research collaboration with PyroScience

We are excited to announce a research collaboration and option to license agreement with PyroScience GmbH, a world leader in optical sensor development. Our partnership aims to develop novel continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) sensors for use in bioprocessing and cell culture applications. This new opportunity perfectly complements our own efforts to develop the technology for CGM applications in the diabetes and intensive care markets.

This collaboration brings together our ground-breaking glucose binding molecule (GBM) technology and PyroScience’s decades of experience and commercial success in creating world-leading optical sensors. We believe that our partnership will result in an innovative and unique product offering that can meet the demands of the bioprocessing and cell culture markets.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with PyroScience to create an exciting new product that leverages our GBM technology. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in realizing the full potential of our ground-breaking science, and we look forward to working together to deliver an innovative solution for the bioprocessing and cell culture industries.”

Dr Andy Chapman, CEO and Co-founder, Carbometrics

“For many years we were looking for an optical glucose sensor solution. Existing concepts were not really feasible for reliable usage in industrial applications. The glucose binding molecule (GBM) technology from Carbometrics will be a game changer. Combined with the expertise from PyroScience, this partnership has great potential to deliver the first reliable optical glucose sensor for bioprocessing and cell culture applications.”

Dr Roland Thar, CEO and Co-founder, PyroScience GmbH

The partnership between Carbometrics and PyroScience represents a promising opportunity to advance the field of continuous glucose monitoring and deliver a high-impact product to customers within the bioprocessing and cell culture markets.

About Carbometrics Limited

Carbometrics Limited is pioneering its revolutionary glucose binding molecule (GBM) technology for continuous glucose monitoring applications. We are committed to developing cutting-edge solutions that address the needs of diabetes care, bioprocessing, and cell culture markets. Our primary goal is to enhance the lives of diabetics globally by empowering them with innovative solutions to simplify their daily challenges. We strive to inspire a sense of freedom and improve the quality of life for those affected by this condition. For more information, visit

About PyroScience GmbH

PyroScience GmbH is a global leader in optical sensor development with a strong focus on life science applications. With decades of experience, PyroScience is dedicated to creating world-class sensors that address the needs of worldwide scientific research and of various industries, including bioprocessing and cell culture. For more information, visit


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