Carbometrics Ltd is pleased to announce that our Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board, Professor Anthony Davis M.A. D.Phil. (Oxon.) FRSC has been awarded a prestigious ERC Advanced Grant totalling almost €2.5 million for his pioneering work on Glucose Binding Molecules.

The awards, funded through the EU and worth up to €2.5 million each, allow established top researchers from across disciplines to explore their most creative ideas. The grants will also lead to the creation of new postdoctoral and doctoral research positions at the University of Bristol. Professor Davis will receive funding for his project “After GluHUT – A New Era for Synthetic Carbohydrate Receptors (POSTGLUHUT)” which seeks to transform the lives of diabetics. This project aims to exploit “GluHUT” (our unique Glucose-binding Hexaurea Temple complexes) in a number of new ways, and also to develop the underlying science so that other carbohydrates can be targeted.

“This grant offers an exciting opportunity to build on the success of our glucose-binding molecule ‘GluHUT’.  It gives us the resources we need to make the most of GluHUT itself, and to move towards ‘synthetic antibodies’ binding a range of medically important carbohydrates.”

“Ultimately we hope to improve the lives of diabetics, and to develop a range of other medical applications through binding to the carbohydrate units which control many biological processes.”

Professor Anthony Davis, Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board at Carbometrics