Work with us

Carbometrics is looking for commercial partners with existing or future interests in continuous glucose monitoring (CGM). We can offer a range of flexible models for collaboration where each party adds value to each other’s technology.

The Platform

Our approach to designing GBMs is completely novel and distinct from those used in incumbent glucose sensing technologies that are based on boronic acids, proteins or enzymes. The chemical versatility of our platform technology allows us to combine its advantageous selectivity with almost any form of signal transduction (fluorescence, interferometry, electrochemistry, viscometery, osmometry) and realise a highly accurate, interference-free basis for sensing glucose in vivo. The inherent stability of the molecule towards oxidative and chemical degradation means our GBMs have the potential to be used in very long-term implantable glucose sensors.

Our platform may be of interest if you are:

Seeking an alternative technology to 1. lectins such as Glucose/galactose-binding protein (CGBP) or Concanavalin A (ConA) 2. Enzymes such as glucose oxidase (GOx) or glucose dehydrogenase (GDH). 3. Synthetic systems such as boronic acids.

If you have:

A complementary technology such as: A device or method of signal transduction. A material or polymer that requires a glucose response.

If you are interested in working with us please contact us here