Photo credit: TTP


Sensing with biomimetic glucose binding molecules.

Carbometrics and TTP have combined their proficiencies to develop a range of glucose sensing solutions;  Carbometrics in the design and synthesis of highly selective and robust binding molecules and TTP’s expertise in electrochemistry, sensor transduction technologies.

Carbometrics worked with TTP to understand how their unique ability to design, synthesise and derive highly selective and robust small molecule receptors could be leveraged to develop an accurate glucose sensing platform and create market-leading Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) sensors. Using Carbometrics’ elegant, innovative chemistry, TTP produced a population of different specifically functionalised prototype sensing membranes in order to record, analyse, and characterise their behaviours across a biologically valid range of measurement conditions.

“TTP played an essential role in assessing the feasibility of an exciting new Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) concept discovered at Carbometrics Limited. The team are hugely experienced, professional and efficient. They are well versed in the immense challenges that pave the way from concept to product and we learned a huge amount working with them”-

Andy Chapman, CEO and Co-founder of Carbometrics

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