Meet the Team

Director & Co-founder

Dr Harry Destecroix

Harry is a driven entrepreneur who completed his PhD in Supramolecular Chemistry at the University of Bristol. He has an in-depth knowledge of this technology and the field of chemical carbohydrate sensing in general. He is also the director and co-founder of two sister companies that have enabled the growth of Carbometrics.

Chairman & CO-FOUNDER

Keith MacDonald

Keith is a former senior executive of Lloyds Banking Group with many years of corporate finance experience. He acts as director and/or mentor to several companies ranging from a recent start-up in the hospitality sector to an AIM-listed software company with a market cap of >£500 million.

Director & Co-Founder

Prof Anthony Davis

Anthony is Professor of Supramolecular Chemistry at the University of Bristol, and a world leader in the field of molecularly engineered sugar receptors. He has published nearly 200 articles in the top academic journals and has received several high profile academic awards.

CFO & Co-Founder

Tom Smart

Tom has a degree in Mathematics and Finance, a Masters in Actuarial Science and is a part qualified as an Actuary. He is driven and has a strong interest and knowledge of economics and start-ups, acting as finance director for Cabrometrics. Tom fills a number of roles including helping develop the business strategy, legal and IP, budgeting and forecasting, accounting, risk management and business administration.


Dr Andy Chapman

Andy has worked in some leading academic institutions in the UK and Spain where his varied research activities have led to several high-impact articles and books. He has specific experience in funding acquisition and a previous chemical SME in which he led customer-driven research and development.

Principal Scientist

Dr Mike Orchard

Mike has over 25 years experience in synthetic organic chemistry and has held a number of senior positions in several companies. He has invaluable experience of process development and medicinal chemistry.

Senior Scientist

Dr Johnathan Matlock

Jonathan is an expert synthetic organic chemist who has PhD and postdoctoral experience working with world-renowned scientists at the University of Bristol and with two leading pharmaceutical companies (Roche and GSK).

Senior Scientist

Dr Miriam Wilson

Miriam gained industrial experience with GlaxoSmithKline before pursuing her PhD at the University of Manchester. She then moved to the University of Bristol as a Novo Nordisk STAR Fellow. She has worked for world-leaders in her field and her strong work ethic has been rewarded with publications in high-impact journals.

Operations Manager

Charlotte Proctor

Charlie helps to orchestrate the daily running of Cabrometrics including coordinating staff and human resources. Originally a Primary School Teacher, Charlie is passionate about Outreach. She invites and organises school visits to Carbometrics, at their workplace in Unit DX.

Senior Scientist

Dr Michael Tomsett

Michael is a multifaceted chemist, having laboratory experience in the world-leading chemistry departments of Oxford, Manchester and Bristol, as well as the Institute of Cancer Research in Sutton. His PhD in molecular communication has provided him with extensive skills in supramolecular and peptide chemistry.

Senior Scientist

Dr Robert Tromans

Rob is a passionate scientist who completed his PhD under Prof Anthony Davis at the University of Bristol, where he discovered the new GBM platform. As a result, he has a comprehensive understanding of the technology central to Carbometrics, as well as a vast array of skills in synthetic, analytical and supramolecular chemistry